Kerrisdale Gardens Front View

Stage One of Kerrisdale Gardens consists of 26 architecturally designed independent villas and 26 one & two-bedroom apartments set over three levels to take advantage of the endless views and provide easy access to community facilities.

The Exsulite®-Kooltherm® Thermal Facade System by Dulux® AcraTex® in partnership with Kingspan Insulation was chosen as the preferred cladding system by Paynter Dixon for this four-storey project which required a contemporary, modern look and an ability to both reduce maintenance and withstand the harsh climactic conditions.

More Details

To provide a thermally efficient multi-residential lightweight walling solution that is fast and easy to install whilst reducing scaffolding time on site. The project provided an additional challenge due its cyclonic rated location exposing it to high wind pressures. This would require a tailor-made project specification to cater for the additional wind pressures.

Dulux AcraTex provided a fully integrated lightweight, non-load bearing wall cladding system comprising of; breathable wall wrap, Kingspan Kooltherm K5 phenolic panels, fixings and Exsulite weatherproof coating system. It was installed by a Dulux AcraTex Exsulite Trained and Registered Installer providing both the developer & builder with peace of mind, knowing that Dulux is involved from design stage through to completion and hand over.

The properties of the Exsulite-Kooltherm Facade System provided further benefits to the installing contractor including its reduced risk of manual handling issues and OHS on site. It is also CodeMarkTM accredited in accordance with National Construction Code (NCC) requirements as an alternative solution for use in both Cyclonic and Non Cyclonic Regions, Bush Fire Regions and where a Fire Rated Wall (FRL) requirement needs to be met.

  • The Exsulite-Kooltherm Thermal Facade System was supplied in its entirety from Dulux and installed by a Dulux Trained Exsulite Installer. This ensured the project was built as specified without deviation or component substitution.
  • The Exsulite-Kooltherm Lightweight Cladding System helped to reduce construction times with faster and easier installation compared to traditional construction methods and reduced scaffolding time on site. This contributed to the job’s completion ahead of schedule.
  • The risk of manual handling issues and OHS on site was minimised as Exsulite-Kooltherm’s Lightweight Cladding System can be easily moved without the need for cranes or forklifts.
  • The Exsulite-Kooltherm Facade System by Dulux AcraTex is compliant with the NCC as an alternative solution and can be used in Cyclonic & Non Cyclonic regions, Bush Fire regions and where a Fire Rated Wall (FRL) requirement needs to be met. Dulux AcraTex Account Manager, Nigel Ward says, “It offers acoustic benefits and high thermal performance of up to “R7” subject to system specification, helping to eliminate thermal bridging.”
Kerrisdale Gardens In Progress

The Exsulite-Kooltherm Facade System provided a fast and efficient installation process than conventional building systems. This lead to faster construction times, reducing the time required for scaffolding on site.

Kerrisdale Gardens Complete
Kingspan Kooltherm K5 80mm panel fixed onto a 25mm top hat over steel frame construction that excluded internal wall insulation.
Coating Specification
The Kingspan Kooltherm K5 panels in the Exsulite-Kooltherm Thermal Facade System are coated with Exsulite weatherproof coating system.

The four-storey integrated building which represents Stage One of Kerrisdale Gardens at Mackay QLD was an opportunity for Dulux to use the Exsulite-Kooltherm Facade System in a major development in Queensland. It provided the designer and builder more design flexibility compared to other traditionally used systems. It has further allowed Dulux to advance the system applications into cyclonic regions which provide options previously not available to that market segment. The project was completed ahead of schedule.