Loreto College Ballarat Exterior 01

The newly completed $9 million Mary’s Mount Centre at Loreto College, Ballarat, Victoria, is a state-of-the-art performing arts facility set within a historic school precinct.

This contemporary centre, designed by architectural firm Gray Puksand and built by S.J. Weir, features a 500-seat auditorium, multimedia laboratory as well as spacious music and dance studios.

With its proximity to heritage buildings, the Centre is an example of modest, respectful design that coexists harmoniously with heritage structures, including the adjacent school chapel.

One of the Centre’s most important design features is the Exsulite®-Kooltherm® Thermal Facade System by Dulux® AcraTex®, which incorporates the Kooltherm K5 External Wall Board.

This unique CodeMarkTM certified facade system, noted for its visual impact, developed jointly by Kingspan and Dulux AcraTex, is a masterpiece of ‘two-in-one’ multifunctionality: not only does the walling of the facade provide superb thermal insulation, but its slimline profile also maximises functional interior space.

High-performance insulation is a necessity at the school, where winter temperatures frequently fall several degrees below zero and summertime temperatures can soar well above 40 degrees Celsius.

The Exsulite-Kooltherm Thermal Facade System achieves its peak performance from Kooltherm’s unrivalled practicality, safety and resilience.

Kingspan Kooltherm K5 External Wall Boards, available in either 50 mm or 80 mm configurations, are CodeMark certified and fire rated to rigorous international and Australian standards and produce exceptional thermal conductivity values.

The Mary’s Mount Centre is a welcome modern addition to a school of great tradition, featuring high-quality construction, world class-performance and great affordability compared with alternative facade systems.