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Smart System.

The lightweight residential cladding system you'll love


Smart System.

For lightweight multi-res and multi-storey cladding projects


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Exsulite - Residential

Residential System

Exsulite-EPS is suitable for residential building projects. It can also be used as a remedial facade system for renovation projects. Exsulite-EPS is certified1 as a fully integrated lightweight wall cladding system. This system bridges the gap between substrate and finish from a single source supplier.

Multi-Residential System

Exsulite-Kooltherm is a fully compliant, certified2 walling system integrating Kingspan Kooltherm. Ideal for multi-residential building projects, particularly where fire and thermal ratings are most important. It provides excellent insulation against temperature extremes up to R7.

Exsulite - Multi storey

Multi-Storey System

Construction times can be reduced by using the Exsulite-Kooltherm system. This solution is the ideal choice for multi-storey building projects when compared with conventional building systems . Exsulite-Kooltherm is a fully compliant, certified3 walling system integrating Kingspan Kooltherm.


1^, 2^, 3^. Compliance to standard is relative to the Specification & Installation of the Full System, as detailed in the relevant System Certification.