The Sunland Group Stage 3 Kellyville project consists of 147 Townhouses and a Community Centre.

Sunland Group worked with Dulux® Acratex® to explore the use of its Exsulite® Thermal Facade System to the upper floors of Stage 3 and as an alternative wall cladding system to other nominated wall areas where a light cladding was specified and complemented with the use of EPS lightweight decorative features coated in situ. All ground floor construction used Hebel® AAC PowerPanel®. Both the Exsulite Thermal Facade System and Hebel AAC PowerPanel were finished in Dulux Acratex Coating System to deliver one uniform standard finish to both ground and upper wall areas.

More Details

To speed up the construction and installation process in order to meet a tight project timeline, that was capable of delivering a seamless uniform texture finish to the entire facade. The project utilised two different building systems to the ground and upper floors that required one exterior finishing system to be applied to both as well as setting up a recycling program that would prevent the EPS waste going into landfill.

Dulux Acratex provided a fully accredited integrated non-load bearing, lightweight wall cladding system installed by a Dulux Acratex Exsulite Trained and Registered Installer to the upper floor sections with downstairs constructed using Hebel AAC PowerPanel system.

One Dulux Acratex finishing system was then applied to both the Hebel AAC PowerPanel and Exsulite Thermal Facade System that delivered one uniform weatherproof texture finish to the entire building facade.

Dulux Acratex worked with the Sunland Group to develop a site specific recycling program to allow all EPS waste generated during construction to be consolidated into manageable volumes and taken away for recycling; therefore avoiding it going into landfill.

  • Stage 3 was finished on time within a 12 month period.
  • The Polystyrene Exsulite-EPS site waste was taken away for recycling and not used as landfill which benefitted the environment.
  • The successful outcome of this project was then introduced to Sunland Group QLD on “The Glades” Project to all over roof sections and upper floor areas.


Ground Level
Hebel AAC
Upper Level
Exsulite 75mm panel over 25mm Cavity Spacers to finish flush with downstairs AAC
40mm EPS panels originally specified in F/C

Coating Specification

EPS Substrate
Dulux Acratex RenderWallTM P400 Base Coat / Reinforcement Mesh / Dulux Acratex RenderWall P400 Finishing Coat /PowerFinish and Dulux Acratex Impact Finishing Coats
AAC Substrate
Dulux Acratex AcraPatch HB – RenderWall 2002 Base Levelling System / PowerFinish and Dulux Acratex Impact Finishing Coats

Exsulite Thermal Facade System and Dulux Acratex Coating Systems were the preferred choice that delivered one system solution from one supplier via one Dulux Acratex Exsulite Trained Installer.