Why Exsulite® is a Smart Choice

Dulux® is proud to bring you Exsulite, a fully integrated lightweight thermal facade system as an alternative to masonry systems, for suitable 1-2 storey residential projects.

The Exsulite-EPS System changes building dynamics bridging the gap between substrate and finishing systems offering you total design flexibility.

Exsulite-EPS is suitable for residential buildings in BAL 29 regions.

The Exsulite-EPS system is designed as fully integrated non-load bearing lightweight facade system to deliver a weatherproof external building envelope with a self draining cavity for moisture management whilst providing high thermal performance (R value).

Exsulite also gives you access to a wide range of Dulux colours and Dulux AcraTex® Texture Coatings completing the appearance of your project.

Integration of system design, components and installation is delivered through a national Dulux AcraTex Exsulite Trained & Registered Installer network to ensure the build meets design specification.

Smart Benefits of Exsulite

Full Integration

Exsulite bridges the gap between substrate and finishing systems offering a fully integrated cladding solution from a single trusted supplier, Dulux.

CodeMark® Certified

The Exsulite-EPS System is CodeMark certified as a fully integrated building system in compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)1.

BAL 29 Certified

Exsulite-EPS is approved for use in bushfire prone areas up to BAL 29 (AS 3959-2009)2.

Thermal Efficiency

The Exsulite-EPS System offers a high insulation performance up to R4.9. Subject to system specifications.

Weatherproof Barrier System

Integrated AcraTex Texture Finishing System delivering the final weatherproofing building envelope for barrier protection.

Total Confidence

Installation is delivered through Dulux Exsulite Trained Installers providing quality assurance and peace of mind.


1^, 2^. Compliance to standard is relative to the Specification & Installation of the Full System as detailed in the relevant System Certification.