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Beyond the construction advantages of using lightweight cladding systems, designers use Exsulite® for the flexibility it gives them in the design phase.

Exsulite allows designers to deliver finishes and to articulate corners and edges that improves the aesthetic and environmental outcomes for their projects. Dulux Acratex manufactures a range of acrylic texture systems that deliver the contemporary render style your planning for but with flexible acrylic technology that won’t crack and delaminate. Imagine the multitude of composite facades that can be delivered using Dulux Acratex Texture Systems and the myriad of Dulux colours.

Exsulite Approved Coating Systems

This Exsulite Installation Manual provides system specifications installation guidance for CodeMark compliance for the Exsulite Cavity System finished with either an Acratex®, Quikcoteor EZYCOAT coating systems in accordance with the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity.

Popular Dulux Acratex Colours

Lexicon PN2F1 LRV: 84.00White Duck P16B1 LRV: 62.00Handmade Linen P16D1 LRV: 69.50Oyster Linen P16B3 LRV: 44.60Beige Royal Half P15B1H LRV: 69.00Linseed P15B3 LRV: 43.50Balsa Stone P15D3 LRV: 54.00Elusive Gold 89153 LRV: 42.00Self-Destruct P14D3 LRV: 49.90Buff It P11B1 LRV: 65.60Warm Neutral P13D3 LRV: 48.80Silkwort PG2C2 LRV: 51.00Limed White Quarter P13B1Q LRV: 77.00Smiggins RB58 LRV: 41.00Aerobus PG2G3 LRV: 35.30Flooded Gum PG2C3 LRV: 40.80

Dulux recommends the use of colours with (LRV) >35 over Exsulite.

The colour examples shown above meet best practice industry advice recommending the use of colours with Light Reflectance Value (LRV) >35 over lightweight or panelised building systems such as fibre cement, AAC and EIFS substrates including Exsulite. In practice this means limiting the use of very dark (hot) colours where the resultant temperatures generated will increase thermal stresses resulting in excessive movement and accelerated colour fade. Colour and the influence it has in absorbing heat is well known and a factor that we recommend be considered in any application (Lightweight or Solid Construction) in addition to the aesthetic of the colour choice. The impact a colour may have on any walling element is heavily influenced by other factors such as the site location, design, placement of control joints, build processes and building aspect.