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Exsulite Important Notice

“Prior to any system installation, installers should check the job requirements against the proposed Exsulite System CodeMark Certificate of Conformity that you are about to install, to satisfy yourself that the proposed Exsulite System is in accordance with the building surveyors’ planning approvals for that specific job site.”

Advisory Notice

Exsulite Codemark Certifications have been updated in accordance with BCA2019 dated 17/11/2020

Users are advised to refer to current BCA2019 Codemark Certificates and Installation & Construction Drawing Manuals for all new construction projects found in Technical Data

A summary of  key system updates is as follows

  • Codemark Certification to BCA2019
  • Consolidated Raw EPS and Precoated EPS into 1 Certification (previously 2 Certificates)
  • Updated Cavity spacer options now include horizontal Top Hat configuration or H3 Kiln Dried Treated Timber
  • Wall wrap options are now Exsulite Wall Wrap or alternate Breathable Wrap complying with AS/NZS4200:12017
  • Additional Acratex Coating System Options

In all cases refer to the current Codemark Certificate and Installation & Construction Drawing Manual for full details

Product Update

Withdrawal of 2 (of 5) Exsulite CodeMark Certifications

The National Construction Code (NCC), Building Code of Australia (BCA) has two Volumes:

  • Volume One is for Class 2 to 9 Buildings including high rise commercial, apartments, schools, aged care, hotels, motels, hospitals, etc.
  • Volume Two is for Class 1 & Class 10 Buildings including detached domestic housing.

Due to changes in the Building Code, CertMark International has advised that 2 Dulux® Exsulite® CodeMark® certificates should be withdrawn for review and reissue, because under current guidelines the originally issued system certifications allowed for consideration for use in a wider scope of construction types than would be considered today (ie can no longer be considered in Class 2 to 9 construction types).

The following primary Exsulite systems used in Class 1 & 10 construction (which includes typical 1-2 storey housing) are covered in current CodeMark Certificates that remain current and unaffected.

  • CM40006 Exsulite Thermal Facade Cavity System
  • CMA-CM40057 Exsulite Composite Thermal Facade Cavity System
  • CMA-CM40060 Exsulite Composite Thermal Facade Non-Cavity System

The certificate withdrawal notice refers only to the following certificates and takes effect 12/02/2019 meaning these CodeMark Certificates cannot be used for future build submissions.

  • CM40082 Exsulite-Kooltherm® Thermal Facade System
  • CMA-CM40138 Exsulite Thermal Facade Non-Cavity System

CertMark International advise that any projects completed prior to the withdrawal of the current certificates are still covered by the withdrawn certificate.

It is important to note that the scope elements impacting the change of assessment relate only to the systems potential use in future Volume 1, Class 2-9 applications and do not impact the systems potential use in Volume 2, Class 1 & 10 construction (typical 1-2 storey housing) which will form the specific scope of new CodeMark Certifications to be issued for those systems – refer CertMark Advice 21/02/2019.

Users are advised that CodeMark Certifications allow for consideration specific to their stated Code elements relative to the actual project design & build which is subject to the users own project specific independent assessment & approval process conducted by a building certifier and/or fire engineer. In all cases assessment for project suitability relative to State jurisdiction and current code requirements should be directed to the users project building certifier.

Read the CertMark International advice regarding pending recertification’s

“More specifically the scope elements impacting the change of assessment relate only to the systems potential use in future Volume 1, Class 2-9 applications and do not impact the systems potential use in Volume 2, Class 1&10 construction which will form the specific scope of new Certifications currently under review for those systems”

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Read the CertMark International press release regarding incorrect reporting of products as non compliant

“CMI, firstly would like to make extremely clear that the nine effected certificates are NOT non-compliant. Any claims that these products are non-compliant or banned are totally erroneous”

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